In this essay I am going to write about a story called “a modest proposal” en how the values of justice and fairness are reflected in the story. To start with, this story took place in the 1720s in Ireland, a men called Jonathan swift had an idea that not everybody liked but some people agreed. In Ireland in that year there was an economical crisis and a huge overpopulation that was making a lot of trouble to the country, there was a lot of poverty too, this was very bad because the quantity of poverty people was bigger than the quantity of people who had a good economy or a good economical stage.
This men called Switf decide to do a not so modest proposal in my opinion, I also think that the title have a little sarcasm in it. His proposal was that the poor women who had babies under a certain age need to sell their babies to rich people for them to eat them, he explain that is a good way to low the population and to feed people, so I really think that here the values …


FROM THE DIARY OF SAMUEL PEPYS (trustworthiness and gratefulness)
To start with this reading is a diary wrote by a man called Samuel Pepys and its an account of a lot of events that happened in his life it’s a 300 years old account of stories to be more exact.  In this reading we have to figure out how the values of trustworthiness and thankfulness are reflected in his life and in the characters.
At the beginning it’s really hard to se how theses values could be reflected in him since he was a very selfish and not really kind person, since he only cared about himself and he didn’t really helped or make a contribution in others life, he was only a worker of the king kind of like a secretary or helper, at first I thought that that was the only thing that he was showing thankfulness about, his job and his social class due to his work and the money he was making because of it, he was a very disrespectful person with his wife because he told many times in his diary that he usually cheated on …


This essay will be about which virtues should have a person to make earth a better place. To start with it is important for us to know what is a virtue, a virtue is behaviour showing high moral standards, we can also say that is a good moral quality in a person, it is thinking and doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong.  Next I will be talking and naming the virtues I considered the most recognizable among people. The most famous virtues are kindness, love, loyalty, commitment, passion, compassion, cooperation, courage, creativity, dignity, forgiveness, honesty, humility, and the most important in my opinion is respect. I think those are the values that someone or everybody needs to have to cooperate to make earth a better place to live in. I believed that someone without respect will not help to make the environment peaceful, if he or she is a person without this value probably the only thing that this will cause is make people feel sad and bad about themselves or about …



The story said that years ago a little family lost their first child in a tragic accident and no one knew exactly what happened, some people say that the little by was playing on a bridge near his house and suddenly they hear a sound like someone was screaming and they run the fast that they can but when they arrived nothing was there so they continue their normal daily occupations, other people say that the little boy fell in the water under the bridge and the water take him far far away and eventually drown him. But the parents have their one story and it is that the little boy used to have an imaginary friend with the name of  “Zac” and sometimes he talk with him and the imaginary friend force him to do things that he shouldn’t do and the parents said that the little boy told them that he was going to play with Zac in the bridge and the parents didn’t really pay attention and they let him go so the story said that when people cross the bridge they hear…


In this essay I am going to talk about Where I live. So I live in Colombia most specifically in Barranquilla. So colombia is one of the countries with major diversity in food, plants and culture. In Colombia there are many traditions like Holy Week, Uribe week, carnivals and many others. I really enjoy living here because it’s a beautiful country and I love my city because it’s colourful and everybody is always in a good mood enjoying life and celebrating bout everything. Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia, is a sovereign country located in the northwestern region of South America, which is constituted as a unitary, social and democratic state of law whose form of government is presidential. It is a politically organized republic in 32 decentralized departments and the capital District of Bogotá, seat of the national government. Here in Colombia one of the most important cultural thing and activities are soccer, it is enjoyed by everyone ni matter what age or social state t…


In this essay I am going to talk mostly about my life.

I am a 17 years old girl and I think I am like 5 feet tall, my birthday is on October 14 so this means that my astrological sign is Libra.
My life is pretty basic and I do pretty much the same everyday like for example doing homework even if sometimes I do it last minute at like 11pm or in the morning at 6:30am before class hehe. I enjoy reading books and writing every little thing that happened to me during the day because trust me... my life is a mess sometimes.  One of the things that I like the most is painting and drawing but I do it only when I feel like doing it because I hate when people ask me to do things.
I live with my parents and my dog...and  also my grandmother. I absolutely love listening to music at any time of the day and I have pretty good taste in music. The most important people in my life are obviously my parents,my dog and my grandmother but not the one that lives with me hehe the other one. I don’t …


The new neighbors.
People say that 40 years ago during fall exactly on October 31 a terrible thing happen and since that day strange things happen on halloween night at 10:31pm. They say that a family moved to Virginia on October 30, the family consisted of the mother, the father, 2 little boys and a girl, all day they were working on organizing and decorating the house for the big night. Around 10pm the house was ready, she was decorated with spider webs, skeletons, pumpkins, lights and graves, the house stood out among the other houses, she was so well decorated that even photographers arrived to photograph the good work that their owners had done. Things start to get weird when people start to hear sounds of people yelling and crying but they were so amazed by the decoration that they don't even pay attention to the noises. The next morning the house was quiet and the people start to ask questions of why their new neighbors didn't show up last night after the great job they…